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Health Info

Immunizations: The following immunizations are required by law for entrance into school:

  • Polio Vaccine 4 doses
  • DPT Vaccine 5 doses (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis)
  • MMR Vaccine 2 doses (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine 3 doses
  • Varicella Vaccine 1 dose (or health care provider verification of chicken pox disease)


Nursing Services: NVLA has a school nurse and nurse assistant who are on campus several days a week. They conduct various screening and educational programs during the school year, which will include: Color Vision Grade K Hearing Screening Grades K, 2 and 5 Vision Screening Grades K, 3 and 5 If your child has a special medical problem, serious allergy or any other health concern, please bring it to the attention of the school nurse or nurse assistant.


Student Medication and Illness: If your child becomes ill, please keep them home until 24 hours after a fever is gone. In most instances, the parent, with the help of the family physician, is urged to work out a schedule of giving medication outside of school hours. If necessary, prescription medicine will be given during school hours with a parent permission form and explicit written directions from the doctor. All medicine must be in its original container and labeled with student’s name. This form will need to be filled out each new school year.


Communicable Diseases: Please notify the school immediately if your child contracts any contagious disease such as chickenpox, strep throat, pink eye, hepatitis, measles, etc. We will notify the parents of the children in the contagious child’s classroom. Any student who has had a communicable disease must be seen by the school nurse or school personnel before being admitted back to school.


Emergency Information: It is extremely important to keep your child’s emergency card current with your address, home and work phone numbers, emergency contacts and child care providers and phone numbers of those authorized to care for or pick up your child, as well as current medical information. This policy is in place for the protection of your child. Please stop by the office whenever you need to update your emergency information.


Counseling Services and Hospice of Napa Valley: Students experiencing stress or anxiety or going through a difficult time may be referred by the teacher or parent to our school counselor. The counselor will meet with the student and contact the parent to discuss ways to best support the student which may include referral to insurance provided counseling services, or an Art Therapy group. Students who have experienced the loss of a family member may participate in a support group on campus led by a grief counselor with Hospice of Napa Valley. Please call our school counselor or classroom teacher if you feel your child would benefit from these services.